Saturday, March 5, 2011

Windows boot error NTOSKRNL.exe is Missing or Corrupt

If you have every spent any time supporting Windows boxes this error will be very familuar to you. Every once in while when you reboot a workstation or server you'll get the famous NTOSKRNL.exe is Missing or Corrupt error  Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
It's fairly straight forward to resolve this problem. Start by booting your machine from the install media when prompted follow these steps
- Boot to the recovery console (
- Select your Windows installation that you want to recover
- When prompted provide the local administrator password
- Once you are into the recovery console you will probably be sitting at a C:\WINDOWS prompt
- Change the directory to the i386 folder on your CD / DVD drive (If you only have one partition it will most likely be D:\)
- Copy the following files to the C:\ drive
        copy ntldr C:
        copy C:
- Change your source directory back to C:\Windows
- Next you will need to fix your boot record
       fixboot C:
- Most likely you will also have to fix the boot .ini using the bootcfg command
 bootcfg /rebuild
- Add the required Windows installation to your boot list
- Add the Load Identifier (Custom description)
- Add the OS Load Options (/fastdetect)
- Type exit to reboot the machine
Your machine should now be recovered from the NTOSKRNL.exe is Missing or Corrupt" error. If you are looking for a little more detail here is a pretty good post. Use this information at your own risk.